This software is written in Python and requires at least Python 3.8 to run. The following sections describe in short how to install, build and run the application.


  1. Clone the repository

  2. Check out the development branch

  3. Install all python dependencies and the package itself.

    Use one of these options:

    Install the package
    pip install .
    Install the package for local development
    pip install --user -e .
  4. Run the script to check if everything worked as expected. The output should be something like:

    Check version and usage information
    usage: memory-channels-processor [-h] [--source {csv,fm-channels-iaru-r1,...} ...
      --version             Show the version (default: False)


Test the package


Building the package
python -m build

Playing around

The following commands give just a short overview about what’s possible…​

Useful commands for processing
# FM: Export from ÖVSV Repeater-DB to CSV
memory-channels-processor --source "oevsv-repeater-db" --band 70cm --type "fm" --output-file "fm_70cm_gen_oevsv-repeater-db.csv" --output-format="csv"
memory-channels-processor --source "oevsv-repeater-db" --band 2m --type "fm" --output-file "fm_2m_gen_oevsv-repeater-db.csv" --output-format="csv"

# D-STAR: Export from ÖVSV Repeater-DB to CSV
memory-channels-processor --source "oevsv-repeater-db" --band 23cm --band 70cm --band 2m --type "d-star" --output-file "d-star_23cm_70cm_2m_gen_oevsv-repeater-db.csv" --output-format="csv" --sort "callsign" --sort "freq_tx" --sort "name"

# FM: Input from CSV, filter and export to CSV - should be the same data - just for testing
memory-channels-processor --source "csv" --band 70cm --type "fm" --csv-input-file "fm_70cm_gen_oevsv-repeater-db.csv" --output-file "fm_70cm_gen_oevsv-repeater-db_dup.csv" --output-format="csv"

# FM + Additional data: Export from ÖVSV Repeater-DB mixed with additional entries to Icom
memory-channels-processor --source "oevsv-repeater-db" --source "csv" --band 70cm --type "fm" --csv-input-file "fm_additional.csv" --output-file "icom_ic705_id52_fm_70cm_gen_oevsv-repeater-db_additional.csv" --output-format="icom" --icom-group-number "02" --icom-group-name "OE 70cm"

# D-STAR: Export from ÖVSV Repeater-DB to Icom
memory-channels-processor --source "oevsv-repeater-db" --band 23cm --band 70cm --band 2m --type "d-star" --output-file "icom_ic705_id52_d-star_23cm_70cm_2m_gen_oevsv-repeater-db.csv" --output-format="icom" --icom-group-number "1" --icom-group-name "Austria" --icom-type="d-star" --sort "name"  --sort "callsign" --sort "freq_tx"